Atomic Hardz Cicada 35

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During summer cicadas swarm and their sweet song heralds the start of surface fishing. The Atomic Cicada has been designed to mimic a stricken cicada that has fallen into the water. Under a slow retrieve it will roll along the surface creating a unique fish attracting noise as the soft life like wings grab at the water surface. Ideal for bream and bass in the summer, there is no more exciting way to fish.

Type: Surface
Length: 37mm
Weight: 4.3g

Tech Tips

bream, bass, estuary perch, jungle perch
The Cicada is, as the name suggest a cicada imitation. Prefect for summer days where the humidity is high and the bass are actively feeding on the surface. East coast rivers are ideal places to thrown the cicada. Cast towards the bank or a snag for best results.
• Estuary outfits in maximum 4-10lb range will yield best results when casting. Braided lines with a mono leader will be best for this. Mono floats and will keep the lure on the surface.
• Use a loop knot for the best action. It allows the lure to swim freely.
• Cast towards structure and allow the lure to sit there a few seconds. Fish will often hit it as soon as it lands. When ready, wind slowly and the lure will start to roll along the surface leaving a massive disturbance and wake for predators to hone in on.
• Use plenty of pauses for bream. They will often hit a stationary lure.
• Using surface lures can be exciting, but also frustrating. Some days fish will slowly rise up from under snag and eyeball your lure millimetres away. A twitch of the lure can result the fish fleeing or encouraging it to smash your lure. Vary your retrieve and speed until you work out a pattern.