Apnea 9 Dive Knife BE

Apnea 9 Dive Knife BE

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Mac Coltellerie Apnea 9 BE Knife With Spearing Trim

The Mac Coltellerie Apnea 9 BE Knife With Spearing Trim has been specially designed for spearfishing and comes with the spearing trim and has a speargun shaft removal tool and a loophole for attaching a lanyard built into the knife. Made in Italy from high-quality stainless steel.

Comes complete with the spearing trim so that the sheath can be attached to your biceps or forearm

PTFE coating is a fluorocarbon solid, making it resistant to corrosive chemicals and extreme temperatures for both hot and cold, UV ray resistant, and low friction. It also provides good insulation from electricity and doesn’t absorb water

Apnea 9 BE Knife With Spearing Trim Features:

Blade: stainless steel – W 1.4116
Hardness: 55-56 HRC 

Blade coating: PTFE Black
Knife length: 18 cm – 7.08″
Blade length: 7cm – 2.75″

Thickness:  4 mm 

Knife Weight: 85 g – 2.99 oz

Sheath: PP, 14 g – 0.49 oz

Mac Coltellerie specializes in manufacturing knives and cutting tools. In Mac made it’s first passing in creating other types of knives thanks to Roberto’s experience in sports. Thus, around 1978, the first hunting and diving knives were produced. And at this point, our company started a process of variety enlarging the production of diving knives, spearfishing knives and starting to produce nautical, fishing and rescue knives.

Thanks to a vast machinery yard and specific up-to-date equipment, Mac Coltellerie develops the whole production process in its factory: Carrying out its own moulds for the moulding presses and blanking presses. This guarantees to the clients of Mac a product of 100% quality Made in Italy, such as the Mac Coltellerie Apnea 9 BE Knife.