Cressi Anti Fog Gel 30ml

Cressi Anti Fog Gel 30ml

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Cressi Antifog Gel

The specially formulated  Cressi Antifog gel is applied to masks and goggles to stop them from steaming up has been developed. This anti-fog gel can also be used on other reflective surfaces, such as windows and mirrors, to ensure they remain clear and unobstructed.

The Cressi Antifog Gel also works in eliminating fogging of eyeglasses when someone is wearing a mask.

This gel has been created with a focus on being gentle and non-irritating for the skin. It has a balanced pH and does not have any alcohol or evaporative solvents, making it suitable for use even around the eyes. It is composed of deionized water and mild cleaning agents..

Using the antifog gel correctly will create a protective coating on the glass that will prevent tiny droplets of water from accumulating on the surface for up to two hours, depending on the conditions.

The 30ml bottle will dispense approximately 150 pumps.

Cressi Antifog Gel Features

  • Stops your mask form fogging
  • Practical small bottle for travelling
  • Works on eyeglasses too
  • PH balanced, low irritant gel
  • No evaporative solvents. safe to use
  • 30 ml bottle with approximately 30 pumps