Adrenalin Fish-O-Rock Spike Boots

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Adrenalin Fish-O-Rock Spike Boots

The Adrenalin Fish'O Rock Spike Rockfishing Boot is a super comfortable, heavy-duty rock fishing boot that has been designed with both comfort and safety in mind.

These boots have an incredible grip with a two-way rubber tread that gives maximum grip in both forward and backward directions, combined with multiple rows of hardened steel spikes to promote maximum grip.

The Fish'O Rock Spike Boot has been created with an Exclusive Sole Design for walking comfort and safety which includes:

  • Nylon Material Layer
  • Neoprene Layer
  • Fibrous Reinforced Layer
  • Vulcanised Rubber
  • Large Spike Head to prevent push through
  • Hardened Steel Spikes

These heavy-duty boots are designed super strong and super tough and are made from 5mm double nylon neoprene and come with a large YKK No.10 wetsuit zipper, with a non-corrosive plastic slide.


  • Two Way Directional Sole Pattern
  • Hardened Steel Spikes
  • Exclusive Sole Design
  • Rigid Sole with Fibre Insert for Comfort
  • Heel and Toe Rubber Protection
  • Reinforced Zipper Base to Prevent Damage
  • Super Strong, Super Tough Vulcanised Construction
  • Heavy Duty Large YKK No.10 Wetsuit Zipper with Non-Corrosive Plastic Slide
  • 5mm Double Nylon Neoprene