3337 Erskine Epoxy Rod Finish

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3337 Erskine Epoxy Rod Finish

For a crystal clear professional rod finish, you can't go wrong with the 2 part rod finish erskine epoxy from the great range of rods and accessories by Fuji. Easy to use for the every day rod builder, this set includes resin and hardener.

NB:- Part "A" Resin is prone to crystillizing in cold weather. This does not affect the product at all. To bring back to fluid state either place the bottle in a container of boiling water or remove lid and place in microwave for a 5-10secs at a time until back to fluid state.

 60ml - 2 x 30ml Bottles

240ml - 2 x 120ml Bottles

1Ltr  - 2 x 500ml Bottles