Halco Lures for Every Type of Sport Fish

Made in Australia, Halco Lures are designed to draw our native coastal and freshwater fish. This extensive range receives continual upgrades.

Tips Regarding Halco Lures

Tackle World carries hard and soft body lures as well as metal ones and jigs for every kind of sport fish. Soft lures can be better for surface fishing, and heavier materials, such as timber and metal, are, of course, more likely to catch fish at greater depths. 

• Halco’s Laser Pro lures are among the most effective for blue water trolling. The Tilsan Barra is a reliable all-rounder, and the Scorpion is nifty for cast and retrieve.

• Try the metal Halco Kimberly Spoon and Tilsen timber lures for fish at deeper depths, or the Skim Stick, Rooster Popper for surface fishing. Use the Nightwalker lure for evening fishing trips and the Whiptail for daytime river fishing.

• Halco Madeyes float and wriggle beautifully, and they are made with a unique rubber five times more durable than ordinary plastic. The irresistible Slidog stick bait is versatile and can be used in various ways at different depths for many types of ocean fish, including right on the seabed.

Make sure to go for the right Halco lures for the fish species you are after. Colour, movement, size, weight, and texture all play a role. The material of the lure is also a key factor. If you aren’t sure, chat with us for more information on which lures to choose.