OFA Solar Aerator 2.0

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OFA Solar Aerator 2.0

The OFA Portable Solar Powered Aerator is now available in a NEW redesigned model!

This patented design is the same basic principle of the original OFA Solar Aerator – only with more added features.

This aerator is a favourite by many fishermen and fisherwomen! An environmentally friendly and convenient solution to keep your live bait alive for longer when fishing! It can run on the sun’s energy during the day whilst charging the internal rechargeable battery! That means no battery running out or constant replacements required. This is handy for the days where you decide to be a fish-aholic and fish through both, day and night!

The rechargeable battery can also be charged via the USB cable provided for on the go charge. A fully charged battery will provide you with up to 96 hours of run time without any sun! Unless you’re in the North or South Pole, that wouldn’t be an issue to keep you running through the night!

Our aerator is made of high quality ABS material and is durable. Powerful, high output pumps fulfill the oxygen requirements for your live bait. Rubber stabilizer feet, mounting clip and technologically advanced design offer smooth and extremely quiet operation – you’ll know it’s on by the sound of the oxygen bubbles.