Nomad Riptide 115 Fatso Floating

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Length - 115mm Weight - 25g

Comes Fitted with 4X Strong #4 BKK Ultra Anti Rust Trebles

The 115 Riptide has had the body shape “fattened” up to create the ultimate surface walk the dog  style lure and to create a lure that will nearly turn 180 degrees on itself on the surface when twitched. The internal rattle combined with the seductive walk the dog action when twitched across the surface make this lure deadly on species like barramundi, Murray Cod, jacks, queenfish, kingfish and a variety of reef species.

The Gorilla Through Wire system is used on the 115 and 125 sizes making them super tough and ensuring that big fish never gets away. Fitted with 4X strong Ultra Anti Rust BKK trebles. All Riptide lures are finished with a super tough triple layer clear coat finish, applied by hand during production. The Riptide casting lures are ready to perform straight out of the box.