Namazemi Cicada-ABZ

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Jackson Namazemi Cicada

Jackson have made their mark on the Bream and Bass market recently with the release of their new cicada imitation surface lures. The Namazemi are a hybrid style lure; their bodies are hard to ensure the lure continues to float, fish after fish, however their wings and legs are made of a highly durable soft plastic to create extra movement and thus a more accurate imitation. These lures are unique in the way they are retrieved due to a rear tow point, which allows the wings to open up to again better mimic the look of a struggling cicada. Usually when the sun is high, fishing with surface lures becomes less effective, however many of our customers have reported the Jackson Namazemi lures continue to catch fish all day long. Working this lure is quite easy, once the lure hits the water you need to pull it a little to open up the wings, and then shake the rod tip to create a vibrating effect. This action allows you to leave the lure in the strike zone for quite a while as there’s barely any retrieve required.

Buoyancy Floating
Lure Weight (g) 4.5g
Lure Length (mm) 42mm